It has never been more crucial to become aware of the environmental issues at stake, and to opt for an environment-friendly attitude, that is why we are doing our very best to go in this direction.

First we avoid using paper as a communication medium, and when we do, we use recycled paper only. Our business cards for example are made of quality recycled paper. The printing office we work with has precisely been chosen for their eco-friendly policy.

We have done our best to choose sustainable products and we have selected our suppliers for their eco-friendly policies too.

The paper pad and envelopes at your disposal are made of recycled paper.

You will enjoy planted patios or decks. And inside the apartments we have selected de-polluting plants like Dracaena or special types of palm trees.

All high windows are provided with solar-powered blinds. They take longer to close than electric blinds, but they are more reliable and much more environment-friendly!

Of course all the bulbs are new eco-friendly types.

We have provided the apartments with boxes for the selective sorting of your household waste.

All electric appliances equipped of a sleep mode, have been connected to special plugs or extensions that can be switched off in order to prevent the nuisance of sleep mode lights and save energy.

All the household cleaning products or toilet products at your disposal are organic. Most paper items are made of recycled paper.

Food staples at your disposal (coffee, tea, sugar, herb tea, honey, oil & vinegar), as well as coffee filters, are organic and some are fair trade products.

We provide detailed information on public transport: bus, tramway, “navibus” and train, and on “bicloo stations” (bike rentals) in the city centre, or we can lend you a bike when you are staying in “L’Attic”.